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Best Bangalore Budget-Friendly Residential Areas: Our Top 10 Picks

bangalore budget-friendly residential areas

Bangalore Budget-Friendly Residential Areas

residential areas

When it comes to finding a place to be called home in Bangalore, paying attention to the multitude of options can be more complicated, especially if one is on a budget. The city, known as the Silicon Valley of India, is reputed for its flourishing IT department and exciting culture. At the same time, looking for residential areas that can meet your budget and standards can be a herculean task.

No worries, dear reader, we have done all the groundwork for you. This guide will take you to the ten cheapest places of residence in Bangalore, where you will find a combination of affordability, convenience, and quality of living. Therefore, no matter whether you are a young professional, a growing family, or a smart investor, there is something for everyone in Garden City.

Understanding Your Needs:

Our list will be presented after you know what you need precisely. Factor in things like the lifestyle you want, money constraints, and closeness to your job or your school. It is essential to understand what each neighborhood has to offer because some places may be better suited for you depending on what you are looking for that will make you happy and contented living there.



Located in North-West Bangalore, Malleswaram is an old residential area with a lot of cultural heritage and affordable accommodation. With tree-lined avenues, temples, and parks, Malleswaram presents a soothing and quiet contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether it’s a small 1BHK unit or a large 3BHK unit there is something for everyone here.


Hebbal area

The Hebbal area in the north of the city is emerging to be a region with efficient connectivity, and more affordable options which are necessary for housing. Considering the complex network of flyovers and neighboring major IT hubs, Hebbal is a wonderful destination for young professionals and families who love to live in this area.



Due to its rich history and pinning in the Northern Bangalore suburbs, you will find a sweet spot for peace and convenience here. This city’s environment with moderate temperature and fast-growing IT sector indeed makes it the next IT corridor of the city. Bargain apartment blocks also high-end villas come next to each other in this colorful community.



Located in Whitefield, Kadugodi is a residential paradise with a moderately good climate and addresses very few problems. Stands out among other places in the area due to its proximity to major IT companies and sufficient housing for people belonging to different categories including young professionals and families looking for a peaceful place to live in with no urban chaos.

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Only Basavanagudi, in South Bangalore, with its old-world grace and historic value, still exists today. The combination of luscious vegetation, old temples, and quite decent affordable homes, Basavanagudi provides the diversity of wide Bangalore at a price that won’t make you squint. Balcony- 1BHK to well-organized 3BHK units are kept for all budgets.

BTM Layout:

BTM Layout

BTM Layout is situated in the southern direction of the city and is a highly vibrant locality with good accessibility for commuters and affordable homes. BTM Layout, which is close to major IT companies and offers an exciting and amusing nightlife, is a preferred destination among tech-savvy workers and students alike.



Located in central Bangalore, Ulsoor is a pleasant zone famous for its green lakes and colorful environment. Adding to its affordability and ease of access to famous hangouts, Ulsoor presents residents with an ideal combination of tranquility and convenience.



Tree-lined streets and buzzing markets make Jayanagar one of the prime residential locations of South Bangalore, in India. It is no wonder that Jayanagar is one of the most sought-after localities in Bangalore due to its exceptional road network and numerous housing options suitable for all kinds of people, including families and young professionals.



Sited in the eastern suburbs of Bangalore, Marathahalli is a vibrant residential area characterized by a lively market and an engaging atmosphere. Because of its adjacency to key IT firms and affordable real estate, Marathahalli is among the top localities voted for by young professionals and families looking for a lively area to live in.

HSR Layout:

HSR Layout

Located in South-East Bangalore, HSR Layout has a strategic location, which is known for its lush greenery and excellent infrastructure. Its affordable housing and closeness to major IT companies, provide HSR layout residents with a unique combination of work-life balance and calmness.


Now, before you make your final choice, you should understand these facts about Bangalore city, which will be of help to you. Also referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a bustling multicultural metropolis that is most noted for its flourishing IT industry. Not only does it have good weather, many types of food, and lots of activities at night but it is also a good place to live for people regardless of their age.

Finally, the challenging task of matching the right budget-friendly residential neighborhood in Bangalore is not a mission impossible. Taking into account your unique requirements and the specific features you want, you can very easily cut down your options and discover a neighborhood tailored to you. You can choose between the peaceful corner of the city or the urban neighborhood according to your choice. Happy house hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether a particular residential area is cost-effective or not depends on different factors like rentals, real estate prices, cost of living, distance to nearby amenities, and transportation. Keeping your budget restrictions and your preferred lifestyle in mind can help you in making quick and effective plans.

Among the factors to take into account rental rates, real estate prices, the proximity to workplaces and educational institutions, availability of amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational facilities as well as transportation connectivity are worth mentioning.

Although budget-friendly residential areas can be characterized by lower rental rates or real estate prices, it is important to consider other expenses such as maintenance fees, utilities, parking charges, and property taxes. Add these expenses to your living budget to be more accurate.

Your residential area’s prior safety and security must be prioritized by using such factors as crime rates, proximity to the police station and security services, and the presence of gated communities or other security measures in the house. Besides that, try to spend time there at different times of the day to make conclusions about the safety of the area.

Amenities offered in budget-friendly residential areas of Bangalore usually include access to necessities like schools, hospitals, grocery stores, parks, and recreational facilities irrespective of the type of region. Some may be endowed with extra facilities like swimming pools, gyms, and community centers.


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