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5+ Points to Know About Real Estate License Costs

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About Real Estate License Costs

Are you thinking of starting a career in real estate? Getting a real estate license is one of the initial steps. While this journey can be fulfilling, understanding the costs involved is crucial. This article discusses the expenses related to obtaining and keeping a real estate license.

1. Pre-Licensing Education Costs:

Before taking the real estate licensing exam, most states require completing pre-licensing education hours. These courses cover essential topics like real estate principles and laws. Costs vary, typically ranging from $200 (₹16,000) to $800 (₹64,000). Check out: Rental Income

2. Real Estate Licensing Exam Fees:

You must pass the real estate licensing exam after completing pre-licensing education. Exam fees vary by state, usually between $100 (₹8,000) to $300 (₹24,000).

3. License Application Fees:

Once you pass the exam, you apply to your state’s real estate regulatory agency. Application fees start from $100 (₹8,000) to $500 (₹40,000).

4. Background Check and Fingerprints:

Most states require a background check and finger-prints submission to ensure applicants have good character. Costs range from $50 (₹4,000) to $200 (₹16,000).

5. Post-Licensing Education Costs:

Some states mandate post-licensing education courses for newly licensed agents. Costs typically range from $100 (₹8,000) to $500 (₹40,000).

6. Membership Fees:

Many agents join professional organizations like NAR or local real estate boards, costing $100 (₹8,000) to $500 (₹40,000) annually.

7. Continuing Education Requirements:

To renew licenses, agents must complete continuing education courses. Costs start from $50 (₹4,000) to $300 (₹24,000) per renewal period.

8. Errors and Omissions Insurance:

Many agents carry E&O insurance to protect against liability claims. Costs vary but generally range from $300 (₹24,000) to $1000 (₹80,000) annually.


Obtaining and maintaining a real estate license involves various costs, including education, application fees, and insurance. While these expenses accumulate, they are crucial investments in your real estate career. By understanding and budgeting for these costs, you can pave the way for success in the dynamic real estate industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the application form and attach the supporting documents. The documents include ITRs for the previous three years, address proof, PAN cards, registration information from any other state, and so on. Complete payment of the real estate licence fee, which varies by state.

Real Estate Agent Salary in India
Real Estate Agents in India earn an average monthly pay of ₹1,07,500. The average additional cash compensation for a Real Estate Agent in India is ₹87,500, with a range of ₹13,500 to ₹1.92,000.

While gold has limited growth potential and stocks are volatile, real estate has historically generated wealth over long periods of time. In India, real estate investing offers both immediate and long-term advantages.

At least a few weeks should pass before your real estate exam date as you prepare for it. You should truly consider your pre-licensing classes to be exam prep as well, as the whole purpose of taking them is to prepare you for both the exam and your career as an agent.


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