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What is Personal Loans?: Pros and Cons

what is personal loan

About What is Personal Loan?

In the field of personal finance, candidates often get the situation where they need financial help to meet their requirements. So, that’s why people need it. A personal loan is an adjustable financial help that is provided by many banks/investors/ventures/farms to borrowers with a lump sum amount, to fix the requirement. In this guide, we will delve into what is personal loans, exploring their benefits, potential drawbacks, features, and key considerations before submitting the form of personal loans.

Understanding Personal Loans

1. Definition and Characteristics

A personal loan is a kind of credit extended by financial institutions, such as credit unions, banks, or online lenders, to individuals for personal expectations. Instead, other types of loans may be reserved for a specific purpose ( such as mortgages for homeownership or vehicle loans), personal loans offer borrowers the use of the amount that they are borrowing from the institute/banks for better use.

Key Characteristics:

  • Unsecured Nature: Personal loans are unsecured, which means they don’t require a guarantee. The lenders give this loan based on borrowers’ honesty with their own risk.
  • Fixed Interest Rates: Personal loans have fixed interest rates, that allow borrowers to pay every month.
  • Fixed Loan Amounts: Borrowers get a lump-sum amount initially, and the repayment is made in fixed installments day of every month.

2. Common Uses of Personal Loans

Personal loans are searched for multiple reasons. Let’s discuss some common reasons:

  1. Merge multiple high-interest debts into one, more easily manageable loan.
  2. Getting funds from banks on personal behalf for renovations or repairs to increase the value of one’s property.
  3. Covering unexpected bills for medical or elective medical procedures.
  4. Education loans; One needs an education loan for their study or to pay tuition bills.
  5. The personal loan applies to fulfill special events like; such as Family celebrations or weddings.
  6. Other expenses like vehicle loans, car repairs, or urgent home repairs.

3. Interest Rates and Fees

interest rate

If you are getting personal loans or other loans. You should be paid some fixed or variable interest rates on the loan amount, which has been paid by borrowers in monthly payments including interest rates. Apart from that, borrowers should know of the potential fees associated with personal loans, including:

  1. Some Financial institutes or banks allow some fees with the name of very minimal processing fees.
  2. Some banks may carry penalties amount for repaying the loan before the agreed-upon term.
  3. Borrowers must be paid, if they delay loan EMI on time.

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4. Application Process and Eligibility Criteria

To safely process the personal loan, borrowers must go through an online/offline application process. During specific requirements may lay between lenders, common eligibility criteria include;

  1. If your credit score is good enough, means you have gotten a loan before and paid on time. Your credit score would be good. This may increase the eligibility for any loan.
  2. Payers always need the borrower’s income proof to check whether the borrower can pay on time or not.
  3. Payers/financial institutes check the borrower’s last debt, whether they should pass the application on another debt or not.
  4. If the borrower has an employment history for the past 6 months in india. Then lenders approve their application.

5. Repayment Terms

Personal loans have fixed repayment terms, usually from 1 to 7 years. If you are applying for long-term tenure, then you will have a low amount to repay but with a high interest rate. Opposite, pay a high amount monthly for shorter terms with low-interest rates.

*We suggest you apply for 2-5 years of loan tenure for better living or not get into trouble.

Borrowers should choose on their own, which payment term plan they opt for as per their future financial situation.

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6. Pros and Cons of Personal Loans

let’s know about the personal loan pros and cons. As you know every matter has its advantages and disadvantages. Before making deciding on a personal loan read this.


  1. Personal loans by financial institutes offer you flexibility in terms of usage, giving borrowers to fulfill their needs.
  2. The process of application is generally faster than secured loans, and it can be paid out promptly and faster.
  3. Fixed Interest rates in future repayment, simplifying budgeting to borrowers.


  1. Interest rates could be higher for personal loans compared to some loans against secured.
  2. If your credit score is neither higher nor good, then borrowers can face higher rates or wait to qualify.
  3. The absence of security.

Frequently Asked Questions

As per research, we found HDFC/ICICI Banks provide personal loans @ 10.50 p.a onwards.

If you are an employee and applying for a personal loan. The financial institute needs your income proof against the application process for whether you can pay or not. Some small banks may approve it at a higher rate of interest.

CASHe, EarlySalary, KreditBee, Paytm, and other online lenders typically offer immediate 30000 loans. You do not need to provide any collateral or security for a 30,000 quick personal loan because it is unsecured.

Explore numerous lenders, such as banks and NBFCs. Compare interest rates, processing fees, and payback terms to choose the best alternative. Online lenders frequently provide a speedy application and approval process, making them an ideal solution for urgent requirements.


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