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Bhutani Cyberthum in Noida Sector 140A

bhutani Cyberthum sector 140A

About Bhutani Cyberthum

What else can give greater excitement than the grand opening of a mixed-use landmark residential development in Noida sector 140A, which just goes by the name of Bhutani Cyberthum? The project’s recent success results from several factors, such as its slogan of high standards, and breakthrough innovation. Many people consider buying their offices or even apartments in the Cyberthum because of the exceptional location, unique infrastructure, and never-ending presentations of the Cyberthum.

Strategic Location and Connectivity

bhutani cyberthum location

Let’s say you are living in a major transportation hub – it is the transport system at your disposal. There is a metro station only steps away from the project, and it will take no time for workers or residents to access public transit. First, Cyberthum is 1 hour and 11 minutes from Jewar International Airport, and NCID sector 137 metro is just within 2 minutes distance; due to this closeness, accessibility to the commuting nodes of central Delhi, IGI airport, or the IGI, located not far off you.

A haven for Investors

A haven for Investors

To deny such investors handsome profits may drive them to this Bhutani Cyberthum as office space for lease. It will be diverse for local businesses, from retail shops and office towers to open-space co-working spaces where business people can enjoy working. The rest form is a 9-year lease with facilities for all, from boutique shops to accommodate medium and large businesses to Cyberthum, which intends to provide guaranteed income.

Innovative design and amenities

Innovative design and amenities

The trend is that of Cyberthum districts, which are the ones that are different in terms of drawing and are covered with the best services. Combining Sky Mall increases the buildings’ architecture and functionality, as the visitors and the tenants will benefit from this feature, too. Our attraction is conveniently located in the biggest musical fountain in North India, with symmetrical ornamental pools; the water shows illustrate our chicness and class and reveal luxury.

Retail extravaganza

Those who go on the internet or e-trade discover the world having millions of incredible things, the cynosures of which are the e-retail sector.

The shopping mall, with over 100 stores carrying everything from clothing to electronics and everything else under the sun, guarantees that the patrons will always have something they can shop for. The ever-evolving plug-and-play stores continue to simplify life and act as a true one-stop shop for retailers and customers.

Culinary delights

Beyond commercial outlets, Cyberthum also boasts diverse cuisines in its culinary field. Culinary delights are the food court, the restaurants, and the cafes that help you enjoy a taste journey with multi-cuisine options, mouthwatering snacks, and fine dining meals. Time spent with family or friends over coffee is not the only thing that Cyberthum offers. Its menu caters to every taste and preference.

Bhutani Cyberthum Project Height

  • Tallest Commercial tower in North India.
  • 50 Level Iconic towers.
  • One of North India’s largest musical fountains.
  • Mall in the sky connecting two Towers.
  • Walking distance from Metro Stations.
  • High Street Retail with beautiful Water bodies, Ornamental Pools, and Water shows.
  • The office towers are designed as a vertical campus – Distinct zones for distinct work modes.


  • Cyberthum is just 30 minutes away from Upcoming Jewar International Airport and 55 km away from the IGI Airport.
  • A straight stretch connecting Noida and Delhi, the project is just a few minutes away from prime locations in Central and South Delhi.
  • 2 minutes from Noida Sector 137 Metro Station and CBT.
  • Several MNCs like KPGM, Infosys campus, Samsun, Accenture, and TCS are in close vicinity.


Bhutani Cyberthum transcends the typical understanding of shopping centers. This space is not just for businesses to succeed and become profitable but a destination with innovation, convenience, and luxury as its main ingredients.

Thus, Cyberthum is a place for an investor or a businessman looking for a good yield or a perfect workspace and a shopper searching for a shopping heaven. Indeed, Bhutani Cyberthum has such attractive features as a forever profitable offering and a strategic position that it can become the brightest example of a business in Noida Expressway.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Noida Expressway marks Bhutani Cyberthum, based in Sector 140A in NCR, Noida. This puts residents within easy reach of major transportation links and popular locations in NCR.

Cyberthum is marveled for its unique design which implies linking two towers through a sky mall that will provide North India’s largest musical fountain, flowery pools, and water shows. Furthermore, it features a variety of commercial arcades that make up a haven of high street retail, office towers, and coworking spaces, as well as a food court that meets the different needs and preferences of various businesses.

Cyberthum will be equipped with all the amenities such as hi-tech security systems, huge parking space, all-grade elevators, modern restroom facilities, and a variety of food courts that serve the multi cuisines. Moreover, the location of the complex close to metro stations even with the upcoming ones and major roads facilitates great connectivity.

Investors can earn profit from the enhanced rents offered by Cyberhum’s retail spaces, office towers, and coworking spaces. The term of the retail shop lease covers 9 years, and the private offices are created with flexibility in consideration for medium and big business. Thus, Cyberthum is a beneficial and promising investment project in the commercial real estate segment.

Bhutani Cyberthum has experienced good connectivity relative to it being situated near an upcoming subway station, major roads, and more. It takes just 30 minutes by car from the future AI Airport in Jewar and 2 minutes away from the metro station in Noida – SEC.137. Further, this makes convenient access to the central and southern parts of Delhi, as well as the IGI airport possible.


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