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Embassy Group and their Game-Changing Journey in Real Estate

embassy group

About Embassy Group

In India, Embassy Group is the leading real estate and shared coworking space that has made an unmistakable mark on the country’s urban skyline and work culture. Over the past decades, this company is undoubtedly the one that not just influenced but entirely changed India’s signature to the urban landscape and job realm. Let us zoom in on the launching of the Embassy Group, its game-changing projects, and the currently running initiatives.

Who Are They?

Embassy Group is a prominent Indian real estate development company based in Bangalore, India. The organization has come a long way since its inception in 1993; because of its innovative projects and sustainable developments, the group has been at the frontline of changing the urban scene.

Journey through Time

Growth, development, and diversification have been the main characteristics of the last three years of our journey with Embassy Group. This has not just allowed the Company to build up a formidable brand name in the real estate market but also facilitated the development of the sophisticated demands of consumers.

Noteworthy Projects & Collaborations

From commercial to residential, hotel to industrial spaces, the Company has a diverse portfolio that is the key to success through its adaptability and unshakable commitment to excellence.

The trail of the EG company is paved with several eminent projects and collaborations that entirely changed urban living and working environments in India. Here are a few highlights:

Embassy Manyata Business Park:

Embassy Manyata Business Park

In Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park is the biggest and the best known IT Business Park in India. Occupying an area of 110 acres, this master plan has all the world-class facilities and amenities for multinational companies, IT/ITES firms, and other types of businesses. The office space is 68 million sq. ft., and it is a home for many professionals who work together to develop new ideas and make the community more productive. The park consists of cutting-edge office buildings, green areas, recreational facilities, retail outlets, and dining venues, which offer the variety that all professional buildings’ inhabitants desire.

Embassy Lake Terraces:

Embassy Lake Terraces

The Embassy Lake Terraces located in Bangalore city center is a prestigious residential neighborhood known for its modern design and terrace views. Located in tranquil surroundings with a spectacular view of Hebbal Lake, this project comes with spacious apartments that are highly luxurious and contain modern facilities. Residents are privileged to choose from a variety of recreational facilities like the swimming pools, the green spaces, the clubhouse as well as the fitness center. The project manifests the Embassy Group’s unwavering dedication to going beyond the boundaries of luxury to bring a sense of nature even inside the house.

Embassy GolfLinks Business Park:

Embassy GolfLinks Business Park

A showcase of classiness and eco-friendliness, Embassy GolfLinks Business Park, in the middle of Bengaluru’s Central Business District, is the number one office destination in town. Spanning 70 acres and being a recipient of multiple awards, this prestigious business park is host to global firms, organizations, banks, and technology companies. The park provides 5 million plus square feet of grade-A office space in multiple office towers that conform to the highest efficiency and comfort standards. Landscaping, golf courses, sports facilities, food courts, and shopping arcades will give Embassy GolfLinks a good space condition and it becomes a good choice for companies and those who care about the environment.

Collaborative Workspaces:

Keeping up with the increased interest in dynamic and flexible workspaces, the Embassy Group is actively setting up coworking spaces. The association with the multinational WeWork has made the organization come up with advanced coworking concepts in the big cities in India. These types of places are complex settings in which start-ups, freelancers, and established businesses can meet and succeed.

Real Estate Investment:

The Embassy Group has got a strong grip over the arena of investment in the real estate industry where it uses its expertise to detect lucrative possibilities and cater value to investors. Our main asset is the strategic approach to partnerships and acquisitions which has not only broadened our investment profile but has allowed us to partner with players who bracket mixed development, commercial and residential assets. This has in turn allowed us to tap knowledge and resources and therefore, an opportunity to generate high returns to our investors.

Iconic Developments:

The Company had marked the milestones not only by changing the city skylines but also by setting new standards for functionality and design. Their projects would be a superior option for residential and commercial spaces with the mix of innovative, green buildings and luxury that is unbeatable in the industry.

Recent Endeavors

In recent years’ the Embassy Group has been proactive and multi-dimensional. And it is always in fashion. Some of their recent projects and initiatives include:

1. Expansion of Coworking Spaces:

The joint venture between Embassy Group and WeWork has proved to be a significant success and has helped the latter establish coworking spaces all across India. Such a collaborative effort has not only enhanced our range but also triggered a revolution in the manner global coworking trade works in India. They are tailored to support innovation, collaboration, as well as efficiency, adhering to the changing demands of present-day business operations and workers.

2. Sustainable Developments:

Embassy Group practices sustainable development in their projects which are in correspondence with the vision of sustainable initiative. Sustainability is applied to all the projects: green building certifications and energy-efficient technologies to reduce the environmental impact as well as to improve both the physical and mental health of building occupants.

3. Technological Integration:

Due to the introduction of the digital age, Embassy Group has digitized its projects by adding the use of modern technologies to boost efficiency, safety, and comfort. A range of usages, from smart home automation to cryptocurrency transactions, is meant to enhance the current real estate experience.


The story of Embassy Group from a simple origin to a leading business icon is direct evidence of their foresight, resilience, and total commitment to quality. The company has formed a deep impact on the Indian real estate sector via alliances, innovative projects, and a customer-centric approach. Over time and considering the ongoing transformation, Embassy Group will inevitably be the one that will maintain leading the urbanization in India.


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