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Guide on Investing in Commercial Properties in Noida

Commercial Properties in Noida

About Noida City

Noida city

The New Okhla Industrial Development Authority or popularly known as Noida is a satellite city in Uttar Pradesh. Thus, this zone is in the National Capital Region (NCR) and is administered by the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority.

The city of Noida is definitely the most advanced and modern Indian city. It is the front-runner in the race for several accolades in India. This city was awarded as the First City in Uttar Pradesh and First City in Housing by ABP News in the “The Best City Awards”.

The green cover of Noida is estimated to be around 50% and this is the highest forest area among any city in India. Further, it has also been awarded as the cleanest city among the medium-populated cities in India. This is very essential in the case of commercial development of the city as these ranks tell about the city’s infrastructure and development.

Noida, as a capital city for software development and IT solutions, it has been adding new companies to the list every year. According to media reports, the popular brand of electronics, Samsung, has spent as much as ₹50 billion under the Make in India program in the Indian city of Noida.

As a result, Noida is one of the foremost cities in India where starting a new business is easy and the demand for real estate is growing in this city. Investing in commercial properties in Noida? Please read the guide informing you about the current real estate market conditions in Noida.

Top Reasons for the Incorporation of Noida Real Estate.

Some good reasons for purchasing commercial properties in Noida are listed below.

  • Transportation Availability


Noida is a city that has a fully developed public transport network, such as buses, metros, trains, and others. Major city districts have easy access to railway and road transport.

Delhi Metro positions the NCR region and the Blue Line of it consists of 44 stations starting from Dwarka to Noida. Thus, the metro service connects residents of Delhi with those of Noida without any obstruction. Also, New Delhi and Old Delhi railway stations are easily accessible by Noida. The city can be reached by the Indira Gandhi International Airport which is located 23 km away.

  • Digital Hotspot

Digital Hotspot

Noida is one of the most popular cities for IT, BPO, mobile application, and software services in India. This city used to be like a campus of offices and operation centres used by large companies, tech-startups, and MNCs. Major Companies, such as HCL Technologies, TCS, Wipro, Dell, Tech Mahindra, IBM India, and so on, are among the top brands that established branches in Noida.

Being close to the national capital and with good transport links, this city makes a good home ground for many businesses. On the other hand, the government has also created many IT parks in and around Noida to facilitate more business investment in the area.

  • Educational Hub

Educational Hub

Noida has various reputable educational institutions some of which have come because of the cyber industry in the last few years. Consequently, students and education professionals throng this city on a daily basis. As well, it is evident that closeness to a mega business centers brings a number of students to these institutions.

  • The Function of Working Professionals

Because of the expanding cyber business, there is a great number of applicants who seek for an employment in Noida. Hence there are always much-needed rental space and food centres, shops, etc. Many investors invest in this city and the commercial real estate gets a lot of opportunities here.

Factors to think of prior to Buying a Commercial Plot at Noida

Considering to develop a commercial property in Noida, several aspects must be taken into account that can make your scope of benefit more and more. Make sure that you verify the factors listed below before buying a commercial estate.

  • The Requirement of the Situation

Proper location of property is one of the key factors which define its demand and price. A property in the city or close to flyovers and the main road will have a high demand that is paramount. Thus, it provides a better return as well as other properties. So, it is advisable to proceed with opening a commercial property in the city’s center.

  • Infrastructural Development

Modern and sophisticated urban infrastructure with amenities is an indispensable ingredient for commercial properties. If the area around the commercial property has basic amenities like electricity, water, transportation, and others nearby, then it will offer the space to businesses that have higher demand. Therefore, you should check on the infrastructure development in the locality of your planned acquisition before you buy a property.

  • Transportation Network

Connectivity via road, rail, and airport is elemental for any property selection. That is one of the key things that people pay attention to when looking for a place to set up their business. As a result, you have to select a place that will be well connected and have a network of the public sector to serve as the transport means.

  • The Builder’s reputation

A commercial property, which has been developed by the reliable developer attracts more capital appreciation because of existed networking and the presence of the developers. People tend to trust a competent broker able to pick out a suitable office space for them. Therefore, when you are talking about a commercial property, you should not ignore this aspect.

  • Safety

The safety of the market represents one of the most important criteria in the real estate industry. The safety measures in business premises should be fit for purpose and there should be access to surveillance as well as security infrastructure in the area. Consequently, this objective has to be your compass during the process of choosing commercial real estate.

  • RERA Verification

When selecting a property for commercial real estate investment, you look at the registration and other details of the property from the state’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) portal.

RERA bodies came into existence after Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 was enacted. It requires every real estate canister in the state to register their projects and communicate the details regularly.

Now let’s examine closely at some well-known commercial properties in Noida showing their amenities, availability, and price.

1. GYGY Mentis

GYGY Mentis

Sitting in Noida’s central position, GYGY Mentis beats all other buildings, providing its tenants with ultra-contemporary facilities and amenities. One of its outstanding features is the food court sited at the ground floor, where clients and tenants have a smorgasbord of choices for the taste buds. The premise has got up-to-date architecture, large offices, and much parking place, therefore, it is well suited not only for big but also small scale businesses as well.

Availability: We offer offices on a rent-ready basis.

Prices: Get in touch with for more information.



Located strategically in the Sector 150 of Noida, now a landmark office and commercial development of a mixed-use space, enhancing the concept of mixed-use spaces. Boasted as a one-stop property with a right mix of retail shops, office spaces, and recreational facilities, it creates an optimal setting that spurs businesses to thrive. Facing its modern facade, the technological infrastructure, and the premium amenities BHUTANI CITY CENTER 150 provides, the business world has no better place to flourish but here.

Availability: The retail and office spaces are also of various types in terms of options.

Prices: Attachment fee changes due to square footage and position of the plug. Request the property manager to help you in understanding the rental price. Get in touch with for more information.



The extension of M3M CULLINAN-SEC 94 is a high-end commercial development that is present at Sector 94, Noida. Planned in a view of fulfilling the ever-increasing demands of modern businesses, these spaces are fitted with luxurious offices and cutting-edge amenities and facilities. The architecture of M3M Cullinan Sec 94 varies from high-speed elevators to the reserved parking areas where all the details are created to offer the best convenience and comfort to the inhabitants. Besides the fact that it is ideally situate it offers our company an unbeatable access to major transportation nodes and key business neighborhoods.

Availability: Units for sale or lease are available in limited numbers.

Prices: Charges change depending on the area size, which floor the office occupies, and its specifications. Get in touch with for more information.



The area of NOIDA which is considered as the commercial hotspot is the address of Lord Krishna Medley, a landmark building well-known for its wonderful architecture and premium facilities. This property is a place which will a foster the work environment through the spacious office spaces, conference rooms, recreation areas among other things. The residents of Lord Krishna Medley have an opportunity to use various facilities including 24/7 security, power backup, and housekeeping among others, thus, making the period of stay here worthwhile.

Availability: There is a tight rental or ownership market for office spaces.

Prices: Prices are adjusted depending on the office type – size, form, and location. Get in touch with for more information.


In a nutshell, Noida commercial properties offer a wide range of choices for entrepreneurs who wish to launch or grow their business in the region. From sophisticated offices offering cutting-edge amenities to dynamic mixed-use developments that combine workplace and leisure, Noida has options for every business need and pocket size.

With the growing commercial importance of Noida in the National Capital Region (NCR), investing in its real estate market is now a lucrative venture for investors and businesses alike. With its presence of strong and strategically located infrastructure systems coupled with its business-friendly environment, Noida is still the front runner of the Indian commercial landscape, set to grow and prosper in the years ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

To inquire about leasing or purchasing options, interested parties can directly contact the property management or authorized real estate agents associated with each property. They can provide detailed information regarding availability, pricing, leasing terms, and any other inquiries you may have. The email is mentioned in the blog itself.

Noida boasts excellent connectivity with major highways, expressways, and public transportation networks. Additionally, these properties are strategically located near key business districts, metro stations, airports, and other essential amenities, ensuring easy accessibility for tenants and visitors.

Amenities vary from property to property but may include features such as high-speed elevators, 24/7 security, power backup, ample parking, recreational areas, conference rooms, food courts, and more. Each property typically offers a unique set of amenities tailored to enhance the tenant experience.

These properties cater to a wide range of businesses, including startups, SMEs, corporate offices, retail outlets, restaurants, and more. Whether you’re a technology firm, a financial institution, a healthcare provider, or a retail brand, there’s a space in Noida to meet your needs.


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